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01 April 2010

Email seorang bos

Haa..kat bawah ni adalah email daripada bos aku sempena aku nak berenti hari ni.. heheh.

I pun nak mintak maaf lah ya kalau I ada terkasar ke, termarah ke, tertengking ke, semua nya tak sengaja.

U do know I care for you for being my staff. If macam ‘tergarang’ sikit2 tu, bukan marah betul2 tu.. Kadang2 mood tak betul sikit.. ehehhee. Mintak maaf banyak2 yer Iqbal.

Even though it has only been 3 months plus, u have been a good staff. U was not my wrong decision. It was one of the best actions I took when I accepted you in. Cuma rezeki u kat sini tak lama kot.. Tak per lah.. PTD is the best destiny for all. If you survived here, how can u not survived there right? =). Insya Allah..

Once again, THANK YOU for everything Iqbal. Promise me, u’ll keep in touch. I still owe you makan somewhere. Nanti ada when time dah tak busy sikit, we’ll meet up (bring your fiancĂ©) also and we go for makan k.. =).

Yuppp, see me before you go back to day k.

Anyway Iqbal, I would advise you to save what ever keje (speeches etc.) you have done before. It would be a good reference for your future thingy kan.. =).

Thanks Muhammad Iqbal Ikhwandi Mat Zin..