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02 February 2010

kalau bos korang mcm ni, how??

Dear Iqbal,

Since I’m in the MCM, I am not sure I’ll be able to call you and brief on the TMOW speech etc.

Anyway, I need you assistance in drafting a speech for Minister based on the info pack that I’ve attached here. Don’t worry. I know u still new but this could be a good training as well. On top of that, I dah pernah buat speech for the minister launching for the TMOW dekat bukit gantang, perak before so it’s making it easier =). See attachment. Please google and use the necessary words yang minister(s) selalu pakai and added in this speech. Hope it would help.

Before buat, please tarik nafas panjang. Imagine yourself a minister =). You wouldn’t want to mention dalam speech as if dia bercakap on behalf of TM. That one I will create for the TM Chairman nanti. Put yourself at the minister position, so you speech will be about rakyat, this is a good effort done by GLC company, the government target on the broadband penetration, harapan dia etc… Please tgk both ministers speeches I’ve done for TAD and TMOW earlier. Maybe from there could give you some idea on how to draft it properly. Formal, protocol etc.

Anything, please email me k sebab dalam MCM ni susah nk cakap phone..

Thanks dear.


MCM - Management Committee Meeting

TMOW - TMpoint On Wheels

TM - Telekom Malaysia

TAD - TMpoint Authorized Dealer

Ya, betul tu sedara2 sekalian. E-mail di atas adalah adalah e-mail yang telah dihantar oleh bos aku pada hari ini, 2 Feb 2010 jam 9.41 pagi.

So, apa pendapat anda? Ingin mendapat bos seperti ni jugak?? haha.


intan syazlin said...

kecoh la uuu. hehe. well my boss pun sama cam boss u jgk..and..

thanks DEAR? huh! :P

saSsySingLeLiyaNa said...

hahhaha...oklah tu, boss gile baik!!
seronok dapat bos gile gile cm ni...xpe..selamat membuat speech yea??

Maxx Ikhwandy said...

haha. bos u mcm ni gak ke? bagusla klau mcm tu..huhu

speech?haha.dah siap pun. ni byk lg keje lain ni.